What to Say–And Not to Say–To the Police

A. You have to assume that any officer in your presence has a digital high quality recording device built into his/her uniform. You must also assume that the officer has the ability to turn that recorder off when he/she wants to. The officer may be recording that portion of the interview he/she feels fit to record and may also be editing the recording by turning the device off at will. You don’t know what is going on, so fall back on the golden rule, which is: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

Your attorney can almost always get you out of jail (at least on bond) but it takes practically an act of god to put words back in your mouth. You have the right to remain silent and you should exercise it on every occasion. Tell the officer that you want to speak with an attorney, that you will not speak until you do (other than your name, age, address, etc).

For more information about what to say when you are being investigated by the police, go to floridacriminaldefenseteam.com.

B. You have to assume every police car has high definition digital audio and video recording capability inside and out. You may very well get to watch a jury at trial as they view your words and actions at roadside. Act accordingly. What is just as scary, is the growing trend in some jurisdictions where they are removing video recording equipment out of police cars. It is beginning to look like some police organizations do not want a verifiable record of the roadside events.

C. Everyone knows the rule that says the police have to read you your rights. It is a virtual certainty that your police officer will be the only one on the scene who knows the ten different legal reasons why he does not have to read you your rights. Police officers are professionals. They are not kidding around. The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled that police are allowed to lie and trick people when they are investigating crimes. Only a fool would gamble his/her freedom by playing games with an expert who also controls the playing field (arrest scene).