Steven Tinsley, Esq.


I began my legal career as a prosecutor in the Ninth Judicial Circuit. During that time, I handled over 2,000 cases and gained a deep insight into how the prosecution tries a case. In 1988, I entered private practice and put my years of experience into defending persons accused of crimes.


What Anyone Accused of DUI in Florida Should Know

In my opinion, what follows is true in about 97% of all DUI cases. I do not believe that the average intelligent person (with no criminal experience) can read a Florida DUI citation and figure out what is happening to them. This is important because a Florida DUI citation is, from a legal standpoint, a […]

Should I Take the Breath Test?

I know a lot of very smart and knowledgeable people who say that the Intoxilyzer 5000 © (the breath testing device used in Florida) is a reliable testing device. I tell my clients that if they really only had two beers over the course of the whole night (a statement I hear with surprising regularity) […]

What to Do If You or a Loved One is Arrested

1. If you can get out of jail on your own, then do so without delay. Do not wait to see the judge. Frequently, your best bet is to be out of jail when your case is set for Initial Appearance the day (or two) after your arrest. That hearing provides a great opportunity for […]

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How to Beat a DUI in Florida Every Time

The first best plan to beat a DUI in Florida requires some cash. Go to your local bank and purchase One Hundred dollars in American Express Money Orders. Purchase the money orders in twenty or twenty five dollar denominations. I recommend American Express because it is a well known and widely trusted financial institution, however, […]